Hand-drawn Clipping Path Service Provider

Make Every Photo Feel Like A Pro

Carefully hand-drawn clipping path service for crisp and clean photos. Put your Image on any background. Doesn’t matter how complex your images are. our experts edit like a pro quality clipping path.

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clipping path service

Hand-drawn Clipping Path Service Provider

Carefully hand-drawn photo editing service for crisp and clean photos. Put your Image on any background. Doesn’t matter how complex your images are. our experts edit like a pro quality work clipping path.

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Clipping path service: Your Photo shoots Enhancement Solution

You should take editing solutions before uploading your product on ecommerce store. and make your image eye-catching to get more customers and boost sales. when you’re displaying hundreds or thousands of products on your e-commerce store every week. struggling with complicated photo editing could swallow your valuable time. that’s why you have to outsource all your image editing needs. let us be your analysis. With our experts in both image and product photo editing, you could refer your focus to what exactly matters – your limitless passion and creativity.

photo editing service

Services Behind Clipping Path

Services We offer

clipping path service is a service that remove or cuts the background from photos. We offer to our customers high-Quality work ensure that the whole project is completed with dedication regardless of the Task or its costs. As responsible work, our Main goal is Client satisfaction. Also, We Ensure you that your images will be secured, safe, and be prepared exactly according to your instruction.

Clipping Path​ Service

clipping path service

Make your images great with clipping path. We start by isolating the product from the image and then remove unwanted objects and backgrounds. Clipping path is best for adding or composting color correction graphic content and create a transparent environment.

Multiple Clipping Path​

For Image objects, multiple paths separated their objects as a Different part and make them separated finally. when you need to change any object color. so, multiple paths can help you. It’s a cumbersome task to get clean objects on high-volume multiple paths.

Background Removal Service

clipping path service

Make image edge Great by creating hand-made clipping path. To get the clean white background or Transparent Background on high-volume photos. when you’ve other works to do and focused objects have lots of complexity in shape and color.

Photo Retouching Service

clipping path service

It could be a dark spot, a birthmark, blemish, or a wrinkle, raw photos. sometimes need professional cleaning before becoming public. For all such imperfections, photo retouching works like magic. It allows your photos to deliver the message you want to deliver exactly.

Color Correction Service

Color correction is the art of fixing and resolving color issues in a photo. It brings out a deeper dimension of an image by playing on tones and moods.  we understand that colors have the power to change a story. Let us help you on this journey of telling a visual story.

Ghost Mannequin Service

clipping path service

On a budget and want to bag more sales? Display your products on ghost mannequins. No doubt when it comes to certain accessories and apparel. a mannequin display is a great way of showing how the product fits and what expectations to build.

Image Masking service

clipping path service

Clipping path sometimes is not enough. It sure can remove background from a picture. but some images are complicated and more work needs to be done. Here, image masking comes to the rescue to remove the image background.

Natural Drop shadow Service

clipping path service

Natural shadow is an editing technique, that creates an object over an image by placing a direct shade behind the object. As a result, a shadow is created. This technique profoundly highlights emotions. It adds an illusion of deepness to an image.

Image Extraction Service

clipping path service

Image Extraction Service For Sports Photography Who Are Creating Temple Or Printing Volume Packages with Prints. Image Extraction Service Are for People Against Any Solid Or Transparent Background.

How It Work

How CutoutPix Works


Request a free trial for the photo you need to edit.


Get invoices and make payments through Paypal, or wire transfer!


Get a response right away or a quote in just 15 minutes


Once your files are completed, we’ll send you a link to download the files


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clipping path service

Make Your Image Like A Pro

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Benefits of Clipping Path Service

Soft background removal: clipping path service

The main step to creating hand made clipping path using the Photoshop pen tool. it’s very important to remove the background that’s why needs a clipping path around the image. photo editor creates the object of focus by removing the background and isolating the photo from the background.

Flexible color and lighting: clipping path service

Generally for the crisps and unclean photos need to fix Color and lighting. Our Adobe Photoshop experts are able to fix it. when you need to fix anything of the images. also, fix the imperfections, and wrinkles in your images.

Time And Money saving: clipping path service

Photo editors are able to edit quickly any kind of photo. you don’t need to edit by yourself we can handle everything. so it saves time and as well as money for busy photographers, retailers, and e-commerce owners.

Boost e-commerce sales: clipping path service

Photo editing services help you more to boost your sales. just need to take an editing service. photo editors experts make your photo eye-catching and look attractive. our experts can focus on quality to boost your sales.

Who need clipping path service?

photography Studio: clipping path service

Photo editing services needed for professional busy photographers. who need assistance to edit all photo shoots. every busy photographer will benefit from our editing service.

E-commerce owner: clipping path service

ifyou would like to increase your online sales and expand your business around your area then you have to take an editing service. our experts make every image like pro quality.

business agency: clipping path service

large agency will benefit from our editing services. if you want to save time and money then you should take our service. we have all photo editing solutions for you.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

clipping path


We ensure our client data for safety. we never share any content with someone else.

Clipping Path


we always provide 100% quality work. and on time delivery to our client satisfactions.

clipping path


our teams love to provide you a best support. when you need to assist for anything.

Clipping Path


We always make sure our Client satisfactions. so our dedicated teams always ready to support you.

Clipping Path


We do 100% handmade clipping path. when we edit we focus on image edge to keep smooth shape.

Clipping Path


Get your order images edited back within 4 hours or 8 hours. if there are thousands of images quality doesn’t matter.

Clipping Path


Edit starting time at $0.29 cent per image cost. and we believe that  it will be less than to edit in house by your own teams.

Clipping Path


Get quality works for your online store. we optimize your images with quality work and make sure to boost your sell.

Trusted by over 1100 photographers and companies from…

clipping path

Cutoutpix Pricing

Best Affordable Pricing

See at a glance, Cutoutpix offers affordable packages for you.

clipping path service

Clipping Path

Start at 45¢ USD/ per image

clipping path service

Ghost Mannequin

Start at $1.00 USD/ per image

clipping path service

Image Retouching

Start at $5.00 USD/ per image

clipping path service

Image Masking

Start at 0.50¢ USD/ per image

Understanding about clipping path

What is Clipping path service?

Simply removing or cutting the background from an image that’s called clipping path service. For the best results, we provide handmade clipping paths using Photoshop by the Pen Tool. The cost is determined by the complexity or degree of the image that we set the image’s cost. The first stage in editing to separate a product from an image is the clipping path service. By deleting distracting objects and backdrops, an image can be sent more widely. Additionally, transparent environment, color correction, and the addition or composition of graphic elements are used. The Photoshop pen tool is frequently used to create clipping paths or cut images. However, you must hire a professional and skills-clipping path provider company if you would like to have a finely detailed outline of a tangled figure.

Why Need Clipping path service?

The clipping path works for an e-commerce website, photographers, marketing agencies, modeling agencies, and individuals. This service is an advantage who have business in this industry. For photographs to look realistic and lifelike on e-commerce sites, transparent backgrounds are typically required. By photo cut-out changing the background color and photo resizing and many more solutions.

How much do clipping path services cost?

Not all clipping paths are the same for editing, so the cost for each project has different categories. but we follow standard/rush pricing guidelines to ensure your rate is always reasonable so that you can work with us regularly within a budget. So, we offer always low-cost service.

Here is a summary of our pricing for various clipping path projects:

  • Simple Clipping Paths – 45¢ per image
  • Medium Clipping Paths – 80¢ per image
  • Complex Clipping Paths – $2.00 per image
  • Super complex clipping paths – $5.00 per image
  • More Super complex clipping paths – $8.00 per image

Why Clients Use clipping path service?


Firstly, important thing is time-saving. The client could reduce their valuable time by outsourcing. You will save a significant amount of time by hiring skilled staff to handle your image editing assignments. Your service provider will guarantee that they will take on the whole responsibility of your project and produce a successful outcome.

Reduces costs:

Mainly, Photo editing costs can be reduced by expert editors. who has proper knowledge about Adobe Photoshop and if you can find out to them. However, outsourcing can assist a business in growing up on hiring. Additionally, if a business owner wants to edit 5000 images in a few weeks, then needs to recruit twenty employees or teams. The business can save everything with expert teams.

Quality clipping path:

For the high-quality clipping paths, you have to hire a well-known person. it is difficult to post high-quality images on the website if you don’t understand quality photos. Photographers don’t want to set actual backgrounds for their shoots after they have been taken. That’s why they need to remove the background to set the actual color behind the photos.

Increase sales:

By our quality, you will benefit and increase your online business sales. we are here to grow your business sales by designing your products to look like eye-catching quality. our well-known expert is always ready to help you. no need to do anything yourself. we will look after everything. you just make sure us your requirement is okay. nothing else.

Brand Reputation:

Finally, they upload high-quality photos to their online sales store. they can take a few marketing steps to reach out to their customer. but it is true, that they have designed all images accurately. the services can make everything eye-chatting quality and then get more sales. so they get a reputation for their sales. Contact Us

Customer feedback

Curtis Oscar
Curtis Oscar
Senior Photographer
Read More
For work skills, 10 out of 10. For communication,10 out of 10. For speed, 10 out of 10. For good performance, 10 out of 10. Highly Recommend to everyone.
Sara R. Shell
Sara R. Shell
Sports Photographer
Read More
Absolutely great, quick, dependable, amazing performance. cutoutprix has completed great work. also follows up to make sure of the quality. Thanks again. Keep being awesome.
James Smith
James Smith
E-Commerce Seller
Read More
Cutoutpix teams did excellent work and quality! I was just impressed with the quality and speed of delivery. I'll definitely use cutoutpix again for all my photo editing needs. amazing job!
Harriet Johnson
Harriet Johnson
Graphic Designer
Read More
Accurate quality with Great communication and fast service. I will definitely recommend it to everyone who needs photo editing service.
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