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What Services We Provide

Clipping path service is a service that remove or cuts the background from photos. We offer to our customers high-Quality work ensure that the whole project is completed with dedication regardless of the Task or its costs. As responsible work, our Main goal is Client satisfaction! Also, We Ensure you that your images will be secured, safe, and be prepared exactly according to your instructions ASAP.

Clipping Path service

Clipping path Service

Make your images great with clipping path. We start by isolating the product from the image and then remove unwanted objects and backgrounds. Clipping path is best for adding or composting color correction graphic content and create a transparent environment. We are team of expert designers who perform manual photo clipping. We are fast, reliable and we commit to deliver quality work only.
No matter how complicated and unclear the edges are, our professionals can do the job just right. Within a short turnaround, a masterpiece is ready. Clipping path service isn’t just ideal for removing the background, it also works wonders for creating shadows, color correction and photo retouching.

Why Clipping Path

  • Deep Etching
  • Multi Clipping Path
  • Separate Image Objects
  • Remove Backdrop

Multiple Clipping Service

For Image objects, multiple paths separated their objects as a Defarrant part. and make them separated finally. when you need to change any object color so, multiple paths can help you. It’s a cumbersome task to get clean objects on high-volume multiple paths when you’ve other works to do and focused objects have lots of complexity in shape and color. So cutoutpix offers professional multiple paths services to save you time and money. you will get quality work.

Why Multiple Clipping

  • Multiple Clipping
  • Separate Image Objects
  • Helps Color Correction
Multiple Clipping Path service
Clipping path service

Background Removal Service

Make image edge Great by creating hand-made clipping path. To get the clean white background or Transparent Background on high-volume photos when you’ve other works to do and focused objects have lots of complexity in shape and color. So cutoutpix offers professional image Background Remove services to save you time so, you could focus on growing your business instead of doing photo retouching. No matter how complicated and unclear the edges are, our professionals can do the job just right. Within a short turnaround, a masterpiece is ready. Clipping path service is just ideal for removing the background

Why Background Removal

  • Background Remove
  • Transparent Background
  • White Background
  • Product Cutout
  • Solid Background

Photo Retouching Service

It could be a dark spot, a birthmark, blemish, or a wrinkle, raw photos sometimes need professional cleaning before becoming public. For all such imperfections, photo retouching works like magic. It allows your photos to deliver the message you want to deliver exactly.
With photo retouching, all our designers polish the photo and do some adjustments to improve the quality and appearance. Boost your brand’s image by posting premium quality photos only. Just so you know, retouching is an art that makes the image look as natural as possible by eliminating all flaws. Get beautiful images at a price that doesn’t break your bank. We keep the process short and sweet just for.

Why Photo Retouching

  • Image Retouching
  • Photo TouchUp
  • Color Adjustment
  • Jewelry Retouching
  • Model Retouching
  • Fashion Portfolio Retouching
Image Retouching
Best image masking service

Image Masking service

Clipping path sometimes is not enough. It sure can remove background from a picture but some images are complicated and more work needs to be done. Here, image masking comes to the rescue to remove the image background. Our designers use their profound skill and experience in Adobe Photoshop to create soft edges and make the image look perfectly flawless.
Masking does a splendid job in giving old photos a new and attractive look. Our in-house team of professional designers has mastered the art of masking. They use the masking technique to out omit the background and leave the image in a different environment. From layer masking, background erase masking to alpha channel masking, we specialize in all common masking techniques and are available to take the quality of your photos to another level.

Why Image Masking

  • Image Masking
  • Photo Cut out
  • Background removal
  • Photoshop Layer Masking
  • Alpha Channel Masking

Color Correction Service

Color correction is the art of fixing and resolving color issues in a photo. It brings out a deeper dimension of an image by playing on tones and moods.  we understand that colors have the power to change a story. Let us help you on this journey of telling a visual story.
With our color correction services, we change color according to requirements, such a fixing the brightness, contrast, white balance, highlights, and saturation to shadows, we can handle them all.
Make your photos reach their full potential before you update them on your website or social media handles. Take advantage of our experience and make your images crisp and striking.

Why Color Correction

  • Color Correction
  • Color Change
  • Color Mixing and Fixing
  • Jewelry color correction
  • Apparel color correction
Color Correction service
Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service

On a budget and want to bag more sales? Display your products on ghost mannequins. No doubt when it comes to certain accessories and apparel, a mannequin display is a great way of showing how the product fits and what expectations to build.
Models can be expensive but a mannequin is a smart investment. But there are times you don’t want to show the mannequin. That’s when a ghost mannequin steps in and you need Ghost Mannequin services.
Give our services a try. Hide the dummy model and showcase the value of your product at the same time. It’s a cost-effective way of giving your products a 3D look and capture your audience’s attention at the same time. It also makes you customer confident about their buying decision as they know what they are getting. Let our professionals do all the hard work and make clothing and accessories look attractive.

Why Ghost Mannequin

  • Neck Joint
  • Ghost Mannequin
  • Photo Composition
  • Mannequin Remove
  • Rebuilt Invisible Mannequin
  • Garment/ apparel Joint

Natural Drop shadow Service

Natural shadow is an editing technique that creates an object over an image by placing a direct shade behind the object. As a result, a shadow is created. This technique profoundly highlights emotions. It adds an illusion of deepness to an image. It’s a complex service that only professionals can do and for that, you have come to the right place for it.
Our designers understand how shadows work and know how to make them look more realistic. We do the job so professionally that the shadows look believable and hence, the dull images are transformed! Even you will be surprised by the transformation. With our natural drop shadow service.

Why Natural Drop shadow

  • Drop Shadow
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Mirror Effect
  • Original Shadow
create shadow service

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